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San Jose Garden Club Minutes February 2013

Sue called the meeting to order at the Willow Glen Community Center. An inspiration was given.

Officer’s Reports
• Secretary – The minutes were approved as read.
• Treasurer – The treasury amount was reported.

• Announcements The California Garden Club District needs a representative from our club to attend district meetings. Our club president already attends, so this would be in addition to that. The meetings are twice a year.

• Job Descriptions – Job descriptions exist for each job in the club. Look online on our web site under files to review these descriptions when thinking about volunteering for an office or job.

There was some discussion as to whether or not to keep the web page. It was decided that it is very useful and more people should avail themselves of the information on it.

We were reminded to submit expenses so they can be recorded. The only reimbursed expenses are for supplies bought for big- ticket items.

Committee Reports
• Plant Sale -  Natalie announced that we might need a volunteer coordinator to help Ruth. Patty B. volunteered. We may also need a new person to head up the publicity committee. Nan volunteered.

Plant tag information – Natalie will be sending out what we need to put on tags going on plants for the sale. We were reminded to start planting herbs, veggies, and succulents, as these are always popular. We were also reminded to start gathering up old tools, garden art, and clean pots to sell at the sale, also. For those who can’t plant plants, or who will not be here for the sale, money can be donated for refreshments and supplies.

We need new signs for the sale. Pam volunteered to get a group together to make signs.
Donations Chair – Patty C Patty announced that she and her group have been soliciting nurseries for donations for our raffle, etc. Not all nurseries responded positively. She will name names! We were reminded that when shopping at places that give us donations, to be sure to mention the donation and thank the donor.

• Nominating Committee: A nominating committee needs to be formed for new committee chairs and officers.

• Program Planning Committee Chair – Pam:  Only eleven people have responded to Pam regarding next year’s program. Get your choices in to her before the March meeting. Pam also announced only two members have tentatively signed up for garden tours for our June meeting. It was mentioned that it would be nice to have a meeting where we could just socialize. Ansilla volunteered to host a potluck luncheon following the member garden tour.

• March Meeting:  Hostess – Pat. W. Get your check for $18 to Pat W. for lunch at Mexico Lindo for the March luncheon following our meeting.

• Glove Sale Chair – Kathy A. It was decided that Kathy will order more gloves for sale. We sold about 50 pairs last year at the plant sale.

The meeting was adjourned and Nancy Garrison was introduced for her presentation on cut flowers.
A luncheon followed at Tomato Thyme.

 Respectfully submitted,
Recording Secretary